Social Impact of Local Production and Sourcing

It has always been a fundamental part of the Nurevas strategy to have a major social impact in Ghana/West Africa in the following ways:

  1. By providing support and guidance to the farming community in Ghana. Nurevas wishes to be able to source a substantial percentage by volume of its raw ingredients locally in Ghana/West Africa over time if possible. This is of clear commercial benefit to Nurevas in that it reduces supply chains, timelines and risk, and therefore cost. Of course, it also serves to uplift the farming community by providing a high-quality client for their produce on a sustainable basis, and by providing international standard guidelines at which the farmers can aim, thereby helping to make them more internationally competitive. Nurevas is focusing on the following product areas initially.
    1. Tomato paste
    2. Oil
    3. Jams
    4. Chillies
    5. Packaging material

    Nurevas will be the catalyst to establish a value-added food processing industry in Ghana. Ghana possesses some the most fertile land on the continent and can produce a very broad range of foods and, therefore, it is imperative that the value-add is developed on-shore. Nurevas will set the standards, thereby uplifting the farming community and helping to create the food production industry in the country.

  2. Nurevas employs most employees locally. These jobs include high-level administration and operations. All the employees are provided with the highest standards in training. Nurevas aims to have very well trained and experienced employees so that the company can produce products of the best quality for the long term!