About Nurevas

About Us:

Nurevas prides itself on:

• Being a SWISS/AFRICAN, HIGH QUALITY food manufacturer and marketer.
• Possessing FLEXIBLE production of a WIDE RANGE of sauces, condiments and spreads for the retail and catering sectors.
• Incorporating SUBSTANTIAL EXPERIENCE in the relevant industry and operations, and the emerging markets
• Being well supported by WORLD LEADING SUPPLIERS and advisors.
• Having built an EXCELLENT DISTRIBUTION network with world class partners.


Nurevas’s capabilities include:

• Responsive, Customer oriented management and operations
• International, multi-lingual personnel
• Flexible, state-of-the art equipment and process enabling production to order / on-demand
• Rapid recipe development to match local and regional tastes
• Reliable and Fresh product supply due to local, flexible production
• High-quality packaging to match any customer requirements
• Top management with more than 50 years of experience in the industry

The Board

Dr. Nicholas Draeger


Timothy Leclercq


Andrew McDavid


Thomas Philipps


Christopher Amira


Our History

  1. First market research trip made to Ghana.

    20 Feb 2010
  2. Nurevas International GmbH is established by Dr Nicholas Draeger and Guido Schaer in Oberwil in Baselland in Switzerland, with capital of CHF 20’000.

    08 Apr 2010
  3. Second market research trip made to Ghana and links established to leading groups in the catering industry.

    02 May 2010
  4. Third market research trip made to Ghana and links established to leading financial institutions and food retail groups.

    01 Sep 2010
  5. Fourth business trip to Ghana to establish further links to leaders in the food industry in the country.

    09 Oct 2010
  6. Initiation of establishing Nurevas operations in Ghana by Dr Nicholas Draeger and Guido Schaer.

    22 Feb 2011
  7. Nurevas International GmbH signs the lease agreement for offices in Accra, Ghana

    06 May 2011
  8. The capital of Nurevas International is increased to CHF 100’000 and the company is converted from a GmbH to an AG.

    23 May 2011
  9. Dr Nora Frey invests the initial seed capital into Nurevas International AG

    27 May 2011
  10. An agreement to re-package and market 2 product lines in Ghana, namely varieties of vinegar and mustard, from Carl Kühne KG, in Hamburg, Germany is signed.

    30 May 2011
  11. Nurevas International AG signs a lease agreement for the production site on Spintex Road in Accra, Ghana.

    31 May 2011
  12. An in-market blind taste-testing program of Nurevas’s Mayonnaise and Ketchup is successfully carried out in Accra and Kumasi in Ghana.

    10 Jun 2011
  13. A 100% owned subsidiary of Nurevas International AG is established in Ghana under the name of Nurevas Food Ghana Limited.

    27 Jun 2011
  14. Nurevas Food Ghana Limited officially opens its local headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

    01 Jul 2011
  15. Nurevas International AG successfully raises first significant equity to purchase equipment from private investors.

    31 Jul 2011
  16. Construction work on the production facility in Ghana begins.

    10 Oct 2011
  17. Nurevas International AG successfully closes its second equity financing.

    30 Nov 2011
  18. Successful, multi-centre, in-market taste test concluded by Nurevas Food Ghana Limited with very positive results.

    05 Jan 2012
  19. The Board of Nurevas International AG is officially increased from 2 to 6 members

    06 Feb 2012
  20. Nurevas sells the first batch of its analogue cheese in Ghana as a market trial

    11 May 2012
  21. Nurevas arranges a USD 500’000 trade financing facility with United Ventures Limited to support the Company’s raw material purchases.

    08 Jun 2012
  22. Nurevas raises further financing in the form of loan facilities with its shareholders.

    30 Jun 2012
  23. Nurevas Food Ghana Limited granted its Environmental Protection Agency permit in Ghana

    30 Aug 2012
  24. Trial production runs carried out on a new range of products.

    30 Oct 2012
  25. Nurevas Food Ghana Limited finalises a major distribution agreement for Ghana.

    19 Jan 2013
  26. Nurevas International AG successfully closes its largest equity financing round to that date.

    12 Feb 2013
  27. Nurevas Food Ghana Limited receives FDA (Ghana) approval for its first two products.

    13 Feb 2013
  28. Nurevas Food Ghana Limited granted ETLS certification.

    28 Feb 2013
  29. Nurevas South Africa is established.

    13 Mar 2013
  30. Nurevas Food Ghana Limited is granted its Manufacturing License in Ghana.

    14 Mar 2013
  31. Nurevas initiates commercial production in Ghana

    18 Mar 2013
  32. Nurevas Food Ghana Limited receives FDA (Ghana) approval for its second two products

    10 May 2013
  33. A further capital increase was achieved.

    20 Jan 2014
  34. An small increase in capital was achieved.

    07 Apr 2015
  35. Nurevas signs a major co-packing agreement with one of the largest international food companies.

    02 Nov 2015
  36. Nurevas raises further capital.

    08 Mar 2016
  37. Nurevas Food Ghana Limited receives Halaal certification from the South African National Halaal Authority

    01 Apr 2016
  38. Nurevas secures financing from UK Social Impact Fund AgDevCo.

    22 Dec 2016
  39. Nurevas is awarded FSSC 22000 certification

    09 May 2017

Our Partners

Carl Kühne KG (GmbH & Co)

Nurevas International AG is proud of its partnership with Carl Kühne KG (GmbH & Co.) involving the marketing and distribution of vinegar and mustard under Nurevas’s brand name in Ghana.

Kühne has a long history of almost 300 years of passion and experience in producing the highest quality products for customers around the world, amongst which are its vinegars and mustards.