Nurevas prides itself on:

• Being a NEW, SWISS/AFRICAN, HIGH QUALITY food manufacturer and marketer.
• Possessing FLEXIBLE production of a WIDE RANGE of sauces, condiments and spreads
  for the retail and catering sectors.
• Incorporating SUBSTANTIAL EXPERIENCE in the relevant industry and operations,
  and the emerging markets
• Being well supported by WORLD LEADING SUPPLIERS and advisors.
• Having built an EXCELLENT DISTRIBUTION network with world class partners.


Nurevas’s capabilities include:

• Responsive, Customer oriented management and operations
• International, multi-lingual personnel
• Flexible, state-of-the art equipment and process enabling production to order / on-demand
• Rapid recipe development to match local and regional tastes
• Reliable and Fresh product supply due to local, flexible production
• High-quality packaging to match any customer requirements
• Top management with more than 50 years of experience in the industry